Board of GISVA newly elected

03 Jan 2023

Dr. Susanne von der Heydt is a new member of the board

Dr. Susanne von der Heydt
Susanne von der Heydt | Photo: S.Czimmek

Following the Executive Board election, the composition of the Executive Board as of January 1, 2023 is as follows

Chairman of the Executive Board:
Professor Dr. Dr. Walter A. Wohlgemuth

2nd Chairwoman:
Dr. Susanne von der Heydt

3rd Executive Board and Treasurer:
Dr. Lutz Meyer

"I am very pleased to welcome Susanne von der Heydt, an extremely competent woman, to the Executive Board," said Professor Wohlgemuth after the election.

The trained pediatric surgeon, who worked at Charité for many years, including as head of the outpatient clinic for vascular anomalies, has been running her own practice in Berlin since 2020. Since 2022, the mother of four has also been working as a senior physician and researcher at the University Medical Center Halle (Saale). As a member, she has been closely associated with GISVA for many years.

Her predecessor, Professor Dr. René Müller-Wille, did not stand for re-election. Due to his professional activities in neighboring Austria, it was no longer possible for him to actively participate in the association's board without restrictions. The members and the entire GISVA Board would like to thank him warmly for his valuable work over the past three years.

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